Monday, June 8, 2015

Tayère Therapeutics Knee Support Sleeves: Review




Today I will review a knee wrap by Tayère Therapeutics made from fibers impregnated with Far Infrared [FIR] emitting ceramic nanoparticles, that are then woven into fabric to generate FIR radiation, and the health benefits from its effects.

OK WHAT!? In English please?! A knee wrap made from NANO what?

Let me back up.

The objective of this product, in short: PAIN RELIEF and healing.

Next, how do these sleeves (sold in pairs) work?
First, they provide support via compression. Not a ton, just enough that you can retain your full range of motion but it feels "tighter" in your knees.

But the real genius in these follows.

Now don't get scared, I'm just going to explain some relevant science facts now. Specifically Quantum physics and Thermodynamics.

WAIT! COME BACK! I promise this will be quick and easy:

These sleeves are made from fabric containing microscopic particles (that you cannot feel; there are no sharp edges anywhere) of "Black Tourmaline," a naturally occurring semi-precious crystal. Before the Tourmaline is infused into the fiber it is crushed into powder.

With me so far? OK stay with me now:

What these particles in the fabric do is produce a weak electrical charge, which is what enables it to produce and emit Far Infrared Rays and Negative Ions.

WAIT! COME BACK! I promise it's not as bad as it sounds:

Far infrared (FIR) radiation is simply electromagnetic radiation with longer wavelengths than those of visible light. Meaning not visible to the naked eye. With me so far? Think microwaves: you can't SEE how the oven works, but it cooks your food yes? Same idea.

The first law of thermodynamics states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Heat is transferred from one body to another in the form of radiation. So energy from the human body is transferred to these tourmaline particles, which acting as “perfect absorbers”, maintain their temperature at sufficiently high levels, and then emit FIR back to the body. FIR emitted from the skin is absorbed by the particles, which then re-emit the same FIR back to the skin. Dosey doe and around we go!

And why would we want FIR exposed to our bodies? Glad you asked!

Since the sleeves react with your own body temperature to safely elevate the knee temperature without making you feel hot, they are ideal for many medical conditions and injuries that require healing.

FIR promotes the repair of tissues and the regeneration of cells, aiding in the reduction of inflammation and pain.

I like that you get two support sleeves in one order, which is great if you want to use it for both knees or to have an extra one. 

I like that they give good support to the knee without being too tight, and you can wear them under jeans.

I also like the fact that they stretch so well. I had gotten these for some knee pain I have been having while using stairs, but also for my husband who needs them for work. Surprisingly even though they only come in one size, they stretched well enough for his leg and knee.

Only downside: they tend to slide down my legs if I do any hard walking in them, but who knows maybe that's because my husband stretched them out. Tayère Therapeutics recommends that you do not machine wash or tumble dry, as this will reduce the therapeutic effect the product has, causing the tourmaline fabric to become inactive. Instead, they suggest hand washing with soap in warm water, and then hang drying. 

Keep in mind, however, if you're not purchasing the product for its therapeutic characteristic, machine wash is fine, and tumble drying can also be used to shrink the knee sleeve down if it becomes stretched out after extensive use

I give Tayère Therapeutics Knee Support Sleeves 4-1/2 Stars!
I received this item for my fair and unbiased review.


--Albert Einstein

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Marisa's Way

Marisa's Way

As a mother of 2 kids who will soon be learning how to drive - I really hope all states find ways to install these alerts for "Wrong Way" drivers - before anyone else is killed....sadly these types of crashes are all too common as we hear of them on the news all the time.

I feel so sad for the dad of this beautiful girl and her friend who died in such a crash - killed by a "Wrong Way" driver - and hope everyone donates to such a worthy cause. Blink-Link LED Wrong Way signs and detection devices are worth every penny.

Marisa's Way
@Maria's Way

Fundraiser Details:

In the very early morning of Sunday, November 17th, 2013, a terrible tragedy took the lives of two very beautiful young ladies. Marisa Catronio and Kaitlyn Ferrante were best of friends, and in an instant, they were killed by a "Wrong Way" driver on a Florida Expressway. This tragedy should have never happened. Two young ladies with lives about to unfold are lost. Their parents, family and friends are devastated.

We will seek to have a bill introduced through the Florida Legislature that will focus on creating more entrance ramp awareness, along with physical devices to alert wrong way drivers.

Your donation will go to work instantly to help save lives, by allowing us to create greater awareness programs, and provide them to communities throughout Florida and the rest of the country. We will also be providing scholarships to local student volunteers. — these programs are not possible without your help and support. Together, we can make the world safer.
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