Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Review: FurBuddy Pet Grooming Brush Kit #FurBuddyPetBrushKit

Today I am reviewing the FurBuddy Pet Grooming Brush Kit, which which I received in exchange for my unbiased review. It is is an all in one grooming kit for both cat and dogs.

The kit comes complete with: 
  • a Slicker Brush, 
  • Pin & Bristle Brush, and 
  • an Undercoat Rake/Dematting Tool
My cats, Boots and Buttercup became my guinea pigs. Boots is a biter at times and really does not brushing. So I couldn't get very far testing the kit on him. Quitting while I was ahead, I moved onto Buttercup. Now she loves this grooming kit! I have been using it for a few weeks and her fur looks healthy and shiny. I picked the perfect time of year now that spring is finally here and she's shedding like crazy.

I used the kit the in recommended order as follows:
  1. First THE RAKE to easily remove mats and knots without damaging the coat length. It is great for shaping, finishing, thinning and de-shedding.
  2. Next use THE SLICKER BRUSH to remove all of the tangles, dead hair and make the coat fluffy. It's self cleaning action extends the brush life and makes clean up a breeze.
  3. Finally, finish up with THE BRISTLE PIN BRUSH to help remove loose hair then use the bristles side to redistribute the natural oils for a healthier shiny coat.
The FurBuddy Pet Brush Kit comes with a 100% "no hassle, money back or replacement guarantee."

Final note: I tried another very popular deshedding tool available (rhymes with terminator) on Amazon that I found to be too sharp. Buttercup cried the whole time I used it on her and it literally pulled and CUT her hair, way too sharp. Her hair was short and uneven and it took forever to grow back.

The FurBuddy kit does NOT cut the hair, it's got all the tools for every step, what's not to love? This set includes anything you could possible need to groom your pet. It currently is on sale at Amazon for $39.77 with free shipping.

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