Friday, April 24, 2015

Contest Giveaway! Frogglez Swimming Goggles for Kids - Autism Friendly

Today I am reviewing a pair of Frogglez Goggles we were given in exchange for an unbiased review.

To win your own pair, enter the giveaway at the end of this post.

They are known as "The Worlds most comfortable swim goggles for kids!" and one try and it's easy to see why.

My daughter is autistic with accompanying sensory issues. She has had problems with traditional goggles pulling her hair or being too tight. Also she has fine motor skill issues and traditional goggles were just impossible for her to adjust herself, which always left the job to me, while she fussed that they were "too tight" then "too loose" then "pulls my hair" or "hurts my face" etc.

No longer is that a problem with Frogglez - the T strap is so easy it just flops right on her head and the smooth neoprene fabric doesn't pull her hair. Even better is the straps are adjustable with simple Velcro fasteners (instead of those horribly awkward plastic slats) so you can get just the right amount of tension but not too much so that it leaves red rings around her eyes - like the old goggles used to do.

Here she is featuring them and from her giggles and smiles you can see they are a BIG hit!

Oh and did I mention that Frogglez Goggles FLOAT? Yes no more losing your goggles if they fall off underwater at the beach. These can't sink! Love that.

I give Frogglez Goggles a FIVE star rating all around!


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