Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Real Bug Dig Science Kit by Discover with Dr. Cool

Excavating bug specimens buried inside a beetle-shaped digging block?!? Just like a real paleontologist!?! 

When the Discover with Dr. Cool Real Insect Excavation Science Kit arrived in the mail (courtesy of the vendor in exchange for my unbiased review) I was pretty sure this was the perfect gift for my son, age 10. He is very interested in bugs and science in general, and he is a "kinesthetic" hands-on learner, meaning the learning takes place by carrying out physical activities, rather than listening to a lecture or watching demonstrations.

the mom "ick" factor ;)
So this was the perfect way to spend an hour - even could be used for homeschooling. It was just the right amount of challenge, without being frustrating. He did end up using my kitchen scissors because the included digging tool "wasn't sharp enough" - but he's had training in using sharp instruments like boy scout knives and the like so I wasn't worried.

I'm glad the kit includes a magnifying glass to look at what he uncovered - a real scorpion, spiny spider, and fortune beetle specimen. The insects are inside acrylic so that you can examine them from all sides (and mom doesn't have the gross out factor of bugs on her dining room table).
And in my opinion they are positively GROSS which just means he loved it all the more. (Anything with the mom "ick" factor is a plus).

This is perfect for kids ages 6-12 that are interested in bugs, science, entomology, or paleontology.

The 12-page info guide with "cool science facts" about insects (written by teachers) was a nice bonus, as was the activity booklet with it's puzzles and games.

It's not surprising that this kit won awards such as the "Brain Toy Gold Award - Academic's Choice 2013", and "Family Review Center - Best of the Year" among others.

Highly recommended! Great tool for homeschooling.

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