Monday, November 14, 2011

Urge Your Grocery Store to Protect Seals : The Humane Society of the United States

Blood on the Ice

Canada's cruel seal slaughter has begun, although mother seals can barely find ice to give birth on and the bottom is dropping out of the world market for seal fur. Thousands of restaurants refuse to serve Canadian seafood until the slaughter stops, and this boycott is having an impact.
Let's show Canada that the end to the seal slaughter is as inevitable as melting ice. 
Join the 2011 boycott to save seals! It’s the first step you can take to help end the slaughter forever.

What are your next steps?

STEP 2: Get the word out. Show Canada’s commercial fishing industry that we will not back down.

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Email your friends -- copy and paste this text"I just signed the 2011 Boycott to Save Seals. As long as Canada’s commercial fishing industry slaughters baby seals, I refuse to buy Canadian seafood. If you care about animals, will you join me? Click to sign the pledge»
It is up to all of us to send the Canadian fishing industry a message they cannot ignore: Stop the killing of defenseless seal pups, or we'll put you out of business. Thanks for helping save seals!"

STEP 3:  Act on your promise to boycott Canadian seafood.

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