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Transcript from NBCs TODAY Show: Shop til you drop! Top sites for saving:
This morning on "Today's Consumer," the best shopping websites. We’re only three weeks away from Cyber Monday, so it's a good time to get an idea of where you can get some great deals. The current issue of ShopSmart; magazine lists its top picks and Lisa Lee Friedman is the Editor-in-Chief. Good morning. I’m just addicted to shopping online but it's great when you can find great deals and great sites. How did you come up with your list?
Well, this year's list, we looked at all of these different websites to find out what are some of the hottest trends in online shopping, so these sites really represent some of those hot trends. In addition, we wanted to pick sites that make shopping more fun and interesting and easier. We also screened all of the websites to make sure that they fit our criteria for trustworthiness. For example, they have clean records with the Better Business Bureau.
That’s very important because it can be difficult if you want to return something. You’ve broken it down into categories and the first is One-of-a-Kind Finds. What does that mean?
A lot of websites carry things that are unique or things you're not going to find everywhere. is one great example. The users create all kinds of crazy products. For example, a cell phone charger that you stick to your windshield and works on solar power or a bendable power strip. Really interesting products there. Of a Kind is another great website in that group. Basically they roll out a different designer every week and have limited edition clothing, accessories, all kinds of stuff. You might not like it one week but the next week might be really great stuff.
That’s cool.
And One Step Ahead is for parents. They've got all kinds of great children's products that are screened by a panel of parents. When there's a product that people want and doesn't exist in the marketplace, they'll actually create products. So there's unique products there as well.
The second category is Secondhand Shopping. First on your list is
Everyone knows about eBay and secondhand shopping is a great way to save. A lot of these new sites work in social networks. They link up the whole secondhand shopping to Facebook and Twitter. Addoway works with your Facebook account, so if you're a Facebook junky and want to find a seller that you know other people have dealt with or someone who's in your network, this is a great way to find somebody who's trustworthy.

Also Sell works through Twitter in a similar fashion. And is another great website. You know the whole expression "shop in your closet?" Well, this site lets you shop in literally hundreds of people's closets. People who are willing to sell things to you, swap things with you or let you borrow things right out of their closet.
The next category is Bargain Shopping and who isn't a bargain shopper these days?
Yes. A lot of websites have cropped up that help you find the deals and is one of them. Instead of looking through reams and reams of user reviews it helps you identify the cheapest best products in a category, whether it's electronics, appliances or even makeup.
So put in whatever you're looking for and it helps you find --
That’s right.
And Dealradar aggregates all of those daily deals. You may have signed up for Groupon and LivingSocial. Dealradar will group them to help you sort through them every day. Yipit is another site that does this. is a really unique site, if you're looking for a television or other electronics. It will help you decide whether it's time to buy or whether you should wait. Maybe you're thinking the price is going to drop or there's a new product coming out, will tell you whether to buy or wait.
The next category: Style by Subscription, and this is very trendy now.
Absolutely. This is one of the hot trends in online shopping. It’s really kind of a cheap -- you get a cheap thrill every month. What you basically do is fill out a survey and it will -- each of these sites will determine sort of your "style profile." Then every month they'll send you a product. For example, will sent you a piece of jewelry that fits your style profile, $29.99 a month, free shipping. Then you have Send The Trend which is all kinds of accessories, scarves, sunglasses, etc. and Sole Society is shoes, and that's $49.99 a month. And you can send things back if you don't want them or not participate one month and there's no shipping fees so kind of fun.
That is very fun. I’m ready for Cyber Monday. Can we make it Cyber Friday?! ;)
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