Monday, June 1, 2009

Don't just jump because you're mad at Jeff and the boys at Auctiva

Here's the deal guys. The most you will start having to pay per month at Auctiva could range from $2 to $199.

You have 30 days to make an educated decision. This change should not be made in a rush judgment. Don't jump ship just yet. I know you guys are angry, but there is no place for that in your business decision making.

You have got to get outside of your anger, to make an educated business decision. You might not be able to adequately identify an alternative platform until you set aside your knee jerk reaction to run. You have to take a breath.

I'm not saying stay, I'm not saying go, but you are going to have to be the CEO of your own business. How much time and effort is it going to take to move your business? It might be worth it paying the 1 month to give yourself 60 days to give yourself time to analyze the options out there.

Start finding out what your options are. You don't want to keep jumping from platform to platform. It takes time and money to keep switching. It stinks! You have to learn all the new tools, all the new template stuff. 

Take time to start really testing other platforms but don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. Do it in an educated manner. Don't just jump because you're mad at Jeff and the boys at Auctiva. (I'm sure they are doing it for a good reason, to keep their business afloat. It's obvious eBay pulled something to make them announce this so suddenly. They are to blame here if you are looking for a scapebgoat I'm sure.)

Decide first, "would it be better if I stay and pay for 1-2 months, so I can decide what the best move is for me?" Get your strategy together. Does your new platform give you the ability to expand your business? $27 a month versus $9.95 a month shouldn't be the deciding factor. The $17 difference is not that big to make a hasty decision. 

Sit back, take a breath, and start looking at all the other options out there. Do you want to stay or go? 

Bottom line: YOU are the CEO, you have to navigate your business, and do what's best for you and your business. Take some time and think about it - What kind of tools do you need to grow your business? 

The last thing you want to do right now is be emotional and make a bad decision that could end up ruining your business when it's taken you years to build it up.

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