Monday, April 20, 2009

Kurt is Collating the Phone Book

OK this is a little bit crazy (well a LOT crazy) - but I'm freaking out - Kurt just got the old phonebook, and the new phonebook, laid them on his footrest side by side, and flipped to the last page of each, then started flipping over page 1 book, then page 2 book, back and forth, for about an hour now. I asked him what the heck he's doing and he answers without any smirk or twinkle of mischief "I'm cross-collating the phone books."

This way he says he can look through the yellow pages and the white pages at the same time. Why would one need to do this I asked? His response - "the whole experiment was, I took 2 phone books and according to Mythbusters you can't pull the two books apart"...something about Chinese Yo-Yo's.

I think my husband needs a hobby....or a dog to walk.
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